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Customer Communications Management: With OpenText, IWB develops document templates within a short term

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Invoices and reminders become an effective sales and marketing instrument

With OpenText StreamServe, we received a modern output management solution which completely satisfies the demanding requirements of an energy provider.

Marcel Holzer, manager of SAP systems at IWB.


  • The previous output management solution was not flexible enough and led to dependency on customization and specialized programming knowledge.
  • Generating new templates and documents took too long and was too expensive.
  • Printing invoices was only possible on paper, and so in the medium and long term, customer expectations could no longer be met. 



  • Reduced administration costs and resources required.
  • Reduced processing times.
  • The flexibility of the text and template generation and the multichannel document output improves the effectiveness of customer communications and overall loyalty.

About IWB

IWB is a major utilities company, providing customers with energy, water and telecommunciations. It provides service for customers in and beyond the Basel region, and focuses on doing so in a committed, competent and reliable way. IWB is a leading service provider for renewable energy and energy efficiency. For more information, visit: www.iwb.ch