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Cleartrade Exchange Pte Ltd

Cleartrade Exchange Order Management and Processing Platform Goes Mobile with OpenText

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OpenText Mobile Platform Speeds Up Development and Delivery of Multi-Device Mobile Applications, Reducing Cost and Time to Market

From evaluation, to selection, design, and implementation took around 6 months, far quicker than we ever thought we could achieve our goals were it not for OpenText Mobile Wave Platform technology. The thought now of having to design, implement, and maintain for each major mobile device is inconceivable.

Richard Baker, Chief Executive Officer, Cleartrade Exchange


  • Time and cost of developing mobile applications for each device is prohibitive
  • Need to reduce the time to test and maintain each device implementation
  • Fast moving market, requires real time information, on the move



  • Reduction of time and complexity of mobile application development
  • Develop once and deliver to wide range of devices
  • One source of information and content, one source of the truth

About Cleartrade Exchange Pte Ltd

Cleartrade Exchange Pte Ltd (CLTX) provides a global electronic marketplace for Futures and Over The Counter (OTC) commodity derivatives. The company is a Recognized Market Operator (RMO), incorporated in Singapore with offices in Singapore and London and also approved by the Swiss regulator FINMA. The company’s software provides a specialized order management and processing platform, developed for the freight and commodity derivatives markets. Cleartrade Exchange clients include traders, brokers, banks and clearing houses.