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London Underground

London Underground Enhances Safety and Efficiency

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Operator of the Tube automates processes to monitor and respond to incidents with OpenText MBPM

Our electronic incident reporting process is a critical operational system within London Underground and enables us to focus on improving service performance.

Anthony Loraine, EIRF Project Manager, London Underground


• Inefficient, error-prone incident reporting
• Time-consuming paper forms



• Speeds response, reduces errors
• Increases employee productivity
• Improves service performance
• Maximizes safety and minimizes service interruptions

About London Underground

London Underground Limited (LUL) was formed in 1985, but its history dates back to 1863 when it was created as the world’s first underground railway. London Underground operates the Tube in London and today is a major business with over three million passenger journeys per day, 275 stations, and more than 400 trains.