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Software Company Applies Best Practices with OpenText

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Micro Focus uses OpenText Assure to standardize internal IT support

One of the biggest advantages for me is it’s easily configurable and can be applied across multiple departments due to the nature of its BPM architecture. It is a flexible and process rich solution with a variety of ‘standard’ out of the box ITIL processes.

Sarah Hutt, Head of IT Support Services, Micro Focus


  • Acquisitions led to increased number of employees and office locations requiring IT support
  • Many support processes and procedures didn't comply with vision of aligning to ITIL standards
  • Standardizing existing internal environment would be resource-intensive
  • Service management application which would assist me in the implementation of ITIL best practice processes



  • Flexibility of the solution allowed IT to achieve clear efficiency gains within the business
  • Solution was easily configurable and could be applied across multiple departments with a variety of out-of-the-box processes
  • Achieved ITIL alignment, cross-departmental integration, from work flow visibility, incoming call/notices, incident and call resolution rates through to trend analysis

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