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Metro Health Hospital Provides Better Patient Experiences with OpenText MBPM

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OpenText helps hospital reduce costs, improve form control and access, and decrease time spent on paper-based administration

Using OpenText MBPM, the hospital has saved money on paper costs by eliminating over forty paper forms, improved control and access to forms by hospital employees, reduced errors resulting from manual routing issues, and decreased time spent on paper-based administration.


  • Large amounts of paper and unnecessary form development
  • Time-consuming, unreliable processes
  • Lost paperwork and process delays
  • Inability to control processes



  • Faster response times and greater quality control
  • Eliminated over forty paper forms
  • Improved overall process and data accuracy
  • Adopted Lean methodology to help enhance the patient experience

About Metro Health

Metro Health Hospital is a 238-bed general acute care osteopathic teaching hospital located in Grand Rapids, Michigan that serves more than 130,000 patients. Metro offers a broad range of services, including inpatient and outpatient services, emergency, surgery, intensive care, rehabilitation, wellness, and community education. For more information, visit: www.metrohealth.net.