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E&P Information Management Association (EPIM)

E&P Information Management Association (EPIM)developed a scalable enterprise information management solution to address their current and future regulatory and cultural requirements

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OpenText Content Server Provides a Global Collaboration and Information Management Foundation to Support Petroleum Industry Joint Ventures

Everything that we deliver has an impact on internal processes. We have made business more agile, we are more responsive, we can do things a lot faster than before, and we are making good decisions based on quality information. The preference was to go for technology that was scalable, and future proof in essence, and that was why we went for OpenText.

Ove Ryland, Executive Director, EPIM


  • Enabling effective global collaboration while addressing regional business requirements, regulations and cultures
  • Maintaining competitiveness while fulfilling need for information sharing
  • Existing solution was heavily customized, therefore blocking new versions and new technology



  • Business is now more agile, more responsive, and efficient
  • Able to make impactful, strategic decisions based on quality information
  • Scalable, global information management that will adapt to future needs through  configuration vs. customization

About E&P Information Management Association (EPIM)

The objective of EPIM is to utilize and make available IT solutions that facilitate the best possible flow of information between any and all of its users, these being relevant authorities and licensees in oil and gas exploration, production and transport licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Participants are operators of exploration permits, production and transport licenses and of joint ventures involved in activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.