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Cobega Trusts OpenText for Invoice Automation

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OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions digitises certified vendor invoices.

All the components implemented are standard and integrate natively with our ERP, and they are scalable and cover the functional/operational requirements of our users. These are basic pillars to ensure return on investment in the project.

Ignacio Echevarría, Director, Beganet (Cobega IT Company)


  • Operational inefficiencies in invoicing processes
  • Overabundance of paper documents
  • Expensive manual processes
  • Difficult to apply standardised company-wide policies regarding invoices



  • Optimisation and acceleration of the invoice handling process
  • Improved quality of transactional data
  • Quick access to content and information required for managing vendors
  • Reduction in costs associated with managing the process
  • Reduction in costs by eliminating the need for paper documents

About Cobega Group

Cobega Group, an organization that bottles and sells products of The Coca-Cola Company, serves 96.3 million people in 14 countries and operates 21 production plants, creating employment for approximately 8,500 people. In 2009, it sold 9.1 billion drinks and achieved a turnover of 1.416 million euros. Cobega is the largest of the three Cobega Group business units, which also include the Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company and Nuevos Negocios. The business unit Cobega, with 1,350 employees, strives to be one of the best bottling companies of the Coca-Cola system in the world and to continue to set the standard in the Spanish business community, both in terms of corporate policies and excellence in business management and talent management.