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Enkla Elbolaget

Enkla Elbolaget simplifies processes, reduces paper and controls costs.

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OpenText Exstream simplifies processes, reduces paper, and controls costs

We knew OpenText Exstream would have an excellent chance of success. To be honest, I still don’t think I can name a competitor for Exstream.

Thomas Anderson, IT Manager, Enkla Elbolaget


  • Create a clear, easy-to-understand utility invoice
  • Automate, manage, and make the entire document process more accessible
  • Provide personalised content and visual output
  • Meet demand to differentiate in industry



  • Streamlined communication processes
  • Better customer service with clear, personalized invoices
  • Cost savings with reduced paper and use of digital communications

About Enkla Elbolaget

Enkla Elbolaget, formerly Norsk Hydro Energi, is a Swedish electricity wholesaler formed in 2008 as a subsidiary of Dala Kraft. Enkla Elbolaget currently serves 70,000 customers in the private market and 4,000 businesses in the mid-sized market. The Nordic electricity industry is highly competitive, with more than 400 electricity wholesalers in the region. Enkla Elbolaget faced the challenge of immersing its brand in the Swedish market whilst simplifying processes for current and potential consumers.