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IBAarau Closes the Gap between ERP and ECM with OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions

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Employees astounded by the speed at which information can be found.

Many were astonished at how easily they could store email attachments, documents and other assets without changing programs. However, what particularly impressed the employees were the simple search functions. For example, even administrators who were not trained in SAP were able to find an invoice stored in SAP by simply entering the invoice amount in Extended ECM. I have personally trained 150 employees to use the system and most of them immediately identified the benefits of Extended ECM.

Manfred Mengon, ECM Project Manager at IBAarau AG


  • Managing SAP® and non-SAP data within the business processes
  • Insufficient transparency across all processes



  • Information storage and management optimised throughout the company
  • Information quick to find regardless of the specific user
  • Legal requirements (compliance) fulfilled
  • Change of mindset from the division to the process is driven forward
  • More efficient cooperation and better customer service

About IBAarau

IBAarau (IBA stands for Ihr Bester Anschluss, which means "Your best connection") is the main supplier of electricity, gas, water, telecommunications solutions, and electrical installations for the district of Aarau, the capital of Aargau, Switzerland. With 270 employees to operate and manage numerous transformers and electric motors throughout Switzerland, IBAarau currently serves approximately 50,000 households, regionally and nationally.