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St. Lucie County

Florida County Upgrades Online Services

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St. Lucie County Online: Enhancing Community Resources and Services with OpenText Web Site Management

Over the years, Web Site Management has saved me tons of time and I've seen others become ecstatic about using it.

David Wood, Webmaster, St. Lucie County Board of Commissioners


  • Inadequate, disconnected web management
  • Lack of cohesive and consistent design structure
  • Limited and outdated online information



  • Increased involvement for relevant, useful resources
  • Timely updates, supporting disaster recovery efforts
  • Automatic archival for government transparency
  • Boost in web visits

About St. Lucie County

Located on the southeastern coast of Florida and in the middle of the state's largest business centers, St. Lucie County experienced a population increase of more than 40 percent from year 2000 to 2010. On Florida's Treasure Coast, "Green certified" St. Lucie County serves as the research epicenter on Florida's Treasure Coast with a progressive focus on forming strategic partnerships aimed at building a sustainable economy.