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The desire to create more direct marketing campaigns came with the need to get those campaigns out the door as quickly as possible. In the highly competitive market, DONG needed to be able to respond to the competition within twenty-four hours.

We have not calculated how much we have actually increased our revenue coming from campaigns, but with a 20 percent response, that clearly turns into cash.

Torben Christiansen, IT, Sales & Services, DONG Energy


The open market and the increased competition is a very clear challenge. To meet that competition, the strategic initiative was to start to do more personalized and targeted direct marketing to their customers. Time to market and personalized messages are key in the competitive environment where DONG operates.



Once implemented, SAP Document Presentment easily met DONG's direct marketing demands. The marketing department could now be more efficient in the marketing process and the result of a campaign can easily be measured. With SAP CRM and SAP ISU in combination DONG can now create the targeted messages and campaigns they needed, all within hours. No longer do they have to go through a lengthy IT process to get their messages out.

About DONG Energy

Based in Denmark, DONG Energy is a European leader in the utility industry. Their business is based on procuring, producing, distributing, and trading energy and related products across Northern Europe. DONG employs approximately 6,000 people and earns about $10 billion US in revenue.
As a player in the highly competitive, deregulated energy market, DONG sells and distributes electricity to approximately one million electricity customers and 250,000 gas customers, with a mix of business-to-business and business-to-consumer accounts.