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OpenText StreamServe’s e-Invoicing Solution increases SSAB Strip Production’s cost savings

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SSAB Strip Production estimates that the e-invoicing solution from OpenText StreamServe will help them to quickly get a return on their investment.

Today our customers receive their invoices quickly and securely with clear, correct information. Classic paper invoices presented a dilemma in that the delivery often arrived before the invoice, sometimes creating unnecessarily complicated situations. E-invoices can be accessed by any authorized person at any time and allows us to greatly reduce the amount of paper we use, thus increasing our savings.

Fredrik Mejer, Invoicing and Documentation support manager, SSAB Strip Production


Every year, SSAB Strip Production sends more than 120,000 invoices to customers around the world, making invoice management bulky and time consuming for SSAB and its customers. SSAB Strip Production also needed to reduce the paper and printing costs associated with distributing all of these invoices via standard mail.



Today invoices are automatically signed with the right certificate, which eliminates the risk of breaking country-specific invoicing rules. In addition, the time spent on monotonous manual work decreased — for SSAB and its customers.

About SSAB

SSAB Strip Production is a member of the SSAB Group. It is the largest sheet metal manufacturer in the Nordics and a leading European actor in high-tensile sheet metal. Highstrength steel strip products are used in applications where high-strength and low weight are required, such as the automotive industry for heavy vehicles, by crane manufacturers, and for weight-bearing container details.