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Oakland County

Oakland County Deploys Media Management On Demand to Manage Media Assets

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Hosted digital asset management from OpenText serves as central repository for rich media

I would say probably 30 percent of my time has been freed up by using the OpenText system, and that's substantial.

Michael Zack, Graphic Artist, Oakland County


  • Provide a central repository that accommodates the storage and management of rich media assets
  • Reduce time finding and re-using approved photos and images
  • Better ability to preserve and protect digital media



  • Secure, centralized web-accessible assets
  • Self-service model improves productivity and efficiency
  • Greater utilization of existing content maximizes value of creative assets
  • Hosted solution requires no support by internal IT staff

About Oakland County

Oakland County, part of the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area, is home to 62 cities, villages and townships with a population of more than 1,200,000. The county's knowledge-based economic initiative, coined "Automation Alley," is one of the largest employment centers for engineering and related occupations in the United States. For more information, visit: www.oakgov.com