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Derbyshire County Council

OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions creates greater efficiency and reduction in processing times.

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OpenText helps reduce physical paper storage, eliminate duplication, provide management reporting, and streamline end-to-end "invoice-to-settle" process times

Overall we're very happy with the solution and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with OpenText, as together we explore other avenues

Chris Woodhouse, Finance Lead Officer (SAP), Derbyshire County Council.


  • Ageing mainframe system, difficult to integrate and maintain
  • Efficiency drivers and cost-reduction targets
  • Skilled knowledge workers reaching retirement age
  • Increasing difficulty in meeting new and emerging regulations



  • Greater efficiency in vendor invoice processing
  • Reduction in processing times
  • More flexible, detailed reporting and analysis now possible
  • Ability to identify bottlenecks in processes and take remedial action
  • Full audit trail, retention, and disposition scheduling

About Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council serves a population of 750,000 and employs around 37,000 staff. The Council is responsible for providing many services, including education, roads, and social care services. Some of the day-to-day finance activities of the Council produce a staggering volume of information with some 20,000 vendors, resulting in 250,000 invoices per year being handled by the Accounts Payable team.