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London Borough of Hackney

The Future of Council Service Arrives in the London Borough of Hackney with OpenText

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Out with the paper, in with Council Document Management (CDM)

A recent visitor from Capital Ambition Efficiency Challenge said it [Council Document Management (CDM)] was the best implementation he had seen. Uncashable benefits such as this contribute to Hackney's improving reputation.

Corporate Director of Legal and Democratic Services, London Borough of Hackney


- Information spread across many locations and systems

- Difficulty finding the right information to service customers

- Lack of confidence in security, loss of documents and duplication

- Inability to meet current and future legislation and regulation

- Difficulty in automating processes



- Accurate and reliable information supporting business processes

- Access to the right information, at the right time, by the right people

- Physical storage reduction

- Ability to adhere to current and future legislation and regulation

- Resources released to front line services