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Stikeman Elliott

Stikeman Elliott Has a Single View into Enterprise Content using OpenText eDOCS Integration for Microsoft® SharePoint® by SeeUnity Inc.

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SharePoint content consolidated into a centralized system to help streamline matter management

We decided that the best approach would be to leave the plumbing, which is OpenText eDOCS DM, in the back end and let it continue to do the job that it does so well, which is managing the documents, security, version control, etcetera. Keep that in the back end, and then simply expose the documents in collaborative workspaces in the SharePoint front end.

Venky Srinivasan, Director, Technology at Stikeman Elliott


  • Improve access to internal information across multiple firm libraries
  • Enhance collaboration and communications between legal teams as well as non-legal staff
  • Provide a mechanism to publish and synchronize controlled documentation via SharePoint portal
  • Seamless SharePoint user experience



  • Improved access to internal data
  • Improved search across multiple repositories and other systems for better access to matter content
  • Provides ‘single version of the truth’ across different groups and sites
  • Better collaboration
  • Version control of documents can be maintained

About Stikeman Elliott

Stikeman Elliott is recognized nationally and internationally for the sophistication of its business law practice. Located in Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver, the firm's 500 members include many of Canada's most prominent business lawyers, including leading litigators, in several of Canada's provinces. Stikeman Elliott is also prominent internationally, with a longstanding presence in London, New York and Sydney and extensive experience in China, South and Southeast Asia as well as in central and eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.