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Multiquip Using OpenText Social Workplace to Ensure Transparency and Improved Communication Across the Organization

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Community spaces unite distributed teams, both inside and outside the organization.

If you want to have a company where people take responsibility beyond the normal expectation of the workplace, you need to have transparency and communication across all levels. This is something from the get-go that we wanted and we have accomplished it very well with OpenText Social Workplace.

Michael Hanken, VP of IT at Multiquip


Multiquip merged two former autonomous divisions into one to reduce overlaps and improve efficiency. That led to a multitude of challenges including the need to:

  • find the best way to communicate the new company identity and message
  • combine formerly disparate groups into new teams
  • cross train product knowledge
  • shift the focus to cross department product development
  • increase transparency in the sales pipeline



Multiquip built a user community that brings together a broad range of stakeholders and has essentially built a new corporate culture of sharing and collaborating together. Today, Multiquip has a vibrant user community using Social Workplace whenever collaboration is needed. This includes external partners, service providers, and more. The communities range from management collaboration, classical project management and sales, to Human Resources, wellness programs and audits. Significant benefits include:

  • Cross pollination of knowledge
  • Much more efficient collaboration
  • Significantly greater transparency of business processes
  • Sense of ownership and company identity increased clearly

About Multiquip

Founded in 1973, Multiquip is one of the largest, most diversified  manufacturers and suppliers of world class quality products and solutions for the construction, industrial, telecom, government, military/aerospace, municipalities/federal, entertainment, and oil and gas exploration markets. Multiquip's comprehensive product portfolio encompasses light to medium construction equipment, power generators and lighting. For more information, visit: www.multiquip.com.