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University of Maine

University of Maine Sets the Standard for Online Communication

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OpenText FirstClass® provides a secure online environment for communication, collaboration, and safe social networking

In our current society, with wikis and blogs and Twitter and so forth, I would expect that interest in FirstClass, by both faculty and students, would have faded a little bit. But, frankly, it has not. Even the students that grew up with all of the collaborating technologies still adopt FirstClass quite easily and willfully. The faculties like it because it’s more of a controlled environment rather than being wide open on the Web.

John Gregory, Executive Director, Office of Information Technologies, The University of Maine.


University of Maine had an insufficient email system and they were unable to communicate and collaborate efficiently.



The new system is cost-effective, flexible, easy to manage and administer. A collaborative online communities has been created that enhances communication and collaboration between students, faculty, and alumni. Students have a safe and secure networking environment where content can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

About University of Maine

Located in the town of Orono along the banks of the Stillwater River, The University of Maine (UMaine) is a public research university. It is the Land Grant and Sea Grant University for the state. UMaine is one of New England’s premier universities, and with an enrollment of nearly 12,000 students, it is the largest university in the state.