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Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)

Transport Research Laboratory — Transforming into an open information environment

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OpenText technology creates an effective system of electronic document scanning, filing and retrieval

Our overall aspiration was to create and apply new knowledge which, thanks to OpenText Document Management, we have achieved within very impressive timescales, and which has completely changed the way we work. In that sense, the project has been an outstanding success as staff are already working in an information sharing environment, raising TRL’s future options and enabling capabilities far beyond expectations.

Kevin Miles, Head of Knowledge Management, TRL


TRL wanted to diminish their heavy reliance on paper-based processes to reduce physical storage space. Retaining capitalized knowledge and enhancing access to information were also priorities.



TRL now has more effective document access and have improved cross-divisional co-operation to produce better work results. They have greater consistency in customer-facing and corporate activities and have increased accuracy in business decision making. Full audit trails are now available for improved document and records tracking.

About Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)

TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) is a globally recognized centre of excellence providing worldclass research, advice and solutions for all issues relating to land transport.