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Jefferson County

Jefferson County Relies on OpenText to Gain Better Control over Information Assets and Improve Business Processes

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OpenText Records Management ensures that all records, regardless of format, are easy to find and manage according to the county’s retention scheduling processes

We’re enhancing records management to automate the process of ensuring records are kept as long as legally required, and assuredly destroyed when that time elapses. When a retention schedule is applied, final disposition can be made to destroy the object according to the schedule, retain it for legal holds, or keep it indefinitely if the document has permanent retention

Michael Schink, Livelink Application System Administrator, Jefferson County, CO


Outdated and inefficient system for managing and accessing information; large volume of paper documents, forms and applications taking up storage space; responsiveness and quality of service



Digitized electronic assets increase productivity and efficiency and reduce storage space. Jefferson County is saving costs and time by eliminating manual processes and moving to an automated system across departments.

About Jefferson County

Once an agricultural and mining area, Jefferson County, Colorado is now a thriving suburban, business, industrial and residential community. It is the second largest county in Colorado, with a population estimated at 535,837.