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Consultants at Hatch Connect with OpenText ECM

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Redefining the Connection between Technology and Relationship Management

When we look at external third party capabilities of communication tools and we are trying to find what we would call ‘safe corporate alternatives’ to them, we look to OpenText to provide a similar environment within our infrastructure, to help us set up those capabilities and allow our collaboration initiatives to move forward.

Glenn Sakaki, Managing Director, Execution Technology


Hatch wanted to leverage communications between its 8,700 employees globally and increase competitiveness. Its new generation of technologically advanced employees look for social networking mediums. The company wanted to promote social interaction and collaboration.



Hatch has seen an increase in the availability of experts on a global scale, an increase in the ease of collaboration and information sharing, as well as the development of training programs. The company has also experienced an improved capture of specialized information for better accessibility.

About Hatch

With corporate offices in Mississauga, Canada, Hatch provides process and business consulting, information technology, engineering, and project and construction management to the mining, metallurgical, manufacturing, energy and infrastructure industries. A network of 7,400 employees in 80 permanent offices on the six industrial continents supports programs and projects of an aggregate value in excess of US$20 billion.