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Buncombe County

Buncombe County Shares Information, Reduces Paper Usage, and Improves Efficiencies Using OpenText ECM, eDOCS Edition

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Document Management and Records Management allow Buncombe County to control documents and open silos

There is no more duplication, the amount of work has been greatly reduced, and we no longer miss documents. As a rule, documents don’t get lost and departments have the right information. We can’t imagine not having an electronic document management system now.

Juliana Austin, Information Technology, Document Management at Buncombe County.


Buncombe County needed to enhance information sharing, improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce the amount of paper created and stored.



Buncombe County was able to secure their records, improve productivity and efficiency, enhance customer service, and increase savings of time and costs.

About Buncombe County

Buncombe County is a local level of government in North Carolina. It has an average of 1,400 employees.