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OpenText Assure Improves Quality, Efficiency, and Productivity at Qualcomm

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Leading wireless technology provider deploys new customer management solution with OpenText Assure

It’s bringing us a new means of cultural evolution. Thanks to our single, integrated database, we know our customers better. We can more easily measure and account for our service levels. It’s helping us improve on many fronts.

Emmanuelle Abbink, Manager, Technical Support, QWBSE


  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Sharpen competitiveness



  • Enhanced functionality and flexibility
  • Centralized data store
  • Improved day-to-day management and expansion of the system
  • Enabled accurate sales forecasting
  • Improved working practices

About Qualcomm

Qualcomm is a world-leading provider of wireless technology and services. Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions Europe (QWBSE) provides European logistics and transportation companies with the wireless applications and services they need to improve operational efficiency and sharpen their competitiveness. For more information, visit: www.qualcomm.eu.