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Agility streamlines operations with OpenText

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Agility speeds shipment updates and payments, increases customer satisfaction, enhances sustainability with integrated information management supported by OpenText

When an organization is able to track everything from beginning to the end, then they have much better control over how they can contribute back to improving sustainability, to reducing carbon emissions,

Deepak Sharma, Global IT Director, Business Solutions & Support, Agility


  • Extended cycle times for global shipments
  • Compromised operations
  • Delayed response time and growing volumes



  • Secured immediate access to current and archived data
  • Eliminated courier expenses, maximized archive efficiency
  • Expedited processing, payments
  • Enhanced customer service, competitive edge
  • Improved environmental sustainability

About Agility

Agility is one of the world's largest integrated logistics providers and the largest private owner and developer of industrial real estate in the Middle East and North Africa. Agility Global Integrated Logisitcs works with companies to move, manage and distribute the goods that underpin global commerce. For more information, visit: