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OpenText Documentum and SAP® Tight Integration Results in a 40 Percent Reduction in Workflow Cycles

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Tata Power extracting value from its unstructured data by automating complex, information-intensive processes, while gaining access to real-time monitoring and analytics to drive informed business decisions

Documentum delivers on our strategic requirement to automate processes and integrate them so that the organization can work effectively as a single entity that shares information.

Prashun Dutta, CIO, Tata Power


• Manual, paper-based processes
• Limited viability for decision-making
• Need for management of unstructured data



• Reduces workflow cycle times by 40 percent
• Unifies processes across the organization
• Reduces number of approval levels
• Achieves centralized repository for non-transactional activities
• Increases productivity across multiple teams

About Tata Power

Tata Power is one of India’s largest integrated power companies, with 8,613 Mw of power generation capacity across all segments of the power sector—including generation (thermal, hydro, solar, wind, geothermal and waste gas), transmission, distribution and trading. The company has established successful public-private partnerships in generation, transmission, and distribution in India and is one of the largest renewable energy players in the country.