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DDR Corp.

DDR Creating Continued ROI on IT Investments Through Improved Business Processes

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OpenText Content Suite has been a key infrastructure application at DDR for more than a decade to manage business content and drive innovation

Our goal is to recognize continued ROI based upon our infrastructure application investments. For Content Server, that was 10 years ago, and we continue to see the ROI. Our investment has obviously paid off, given the business process improvements that we've made.

Kim Scharf, Vice President of IT Enterprise Services for DDR Corp.


  • Providing technology that can assist with changing and improving business processes
  • Realizing a continual ROI on technology investments



  • Content Suite is a key infrastructure application that enables business process improvements
  • EIM Department at DDR provides innovative solutions for a more efficient and effective workforce

About DDR Corp.

DDR owns and manages 367 retail properties, representing 115 million square feet in the continental United States and Puerto Rico. For more information, visit: www.ddr.com