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Stadtwerke Halle

Public Utility Company Improves Application Management with OpenText

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Stadtwerke Halle uses a business process management solution by OpenText to reduce employment application processing time and cut costs

We have two months to carry out suitability tests and job interviews. The OpenText business process management (BPM) solution saves our Head of Training 70 percent of the time required for this.

Matthias Schubert, advisor on HR support processes at Stadtwerke Halle


  • Tight timeframes, just two months for job tests and interviews during busiest hiring period for trainees
  • Application management targeted as a strategic company benefit
  • High number of applications



  • 70 percent time saving in the selection and appointment process
  • Long-term attractiveness as an employer
  • Digitization enables continuous process optimization

About Stadtwerke Halle

Stadtwerke Halle, a public utility company in Germany, provides a diverse range of services to the community, including energy and water supply, local public transport, recycling, waste water disposal, garbage collection, street cleaning, winter services, logistics, landfill sites, infrastructure services, data processing services, public baths, and street lighting. The group provides all of these municipal public services from a single entity. Since 1991, Stadtwerke Halle has been evolving into an effective infrastructure, logistics, and service provider, making it one of the strongest businesses in Eastern Germany.