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s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG

Automated Invoice Management Helps s.Oliver with International Expansion

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OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solution to Provide Return on Investment by Second Year

The implementation was, in fact, so smooth that we completed it two months earlier than planned. Also, the user acceptance of the new system is very high. We expect that the investment will pay off by the second year.

Dr. Filippos Siakavaras, Head of Administration, s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG


  • Business growth and increasing internationalization led to greater workload processing incoming invoices
  • Existing solution not able to handle multiple currencies
  • Planned process improvements required closer integration with SAP®



  • Time required for invoice data capture has been reduced by 70 percent
  • Initial investment expected to pay off in second year of use
  • Straightforward integration of OpenText into SAP platform provides base for ease of roll-out and reduced costs for subsequent projects

About s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG

Based in Rottendorf, s.Oliver is an example of the success of a medium-sized company from Germany, employing around 7,500 staff. Well-known brands such as SIR OLIVER and QS by s.Oliver, are available in over 3,000 stores worldwide, appealing to clientele of all ages. With production locations in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Asia, s.Oliver operates a truly integrated global supply chain, handling transactions with around 8,000 suppliers per year.