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University of Los Andes

Leading University in Colombia Remodels Invoice Management

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The University of Los Andes speeds invoice processing, enhances supplier relationships with OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions

The OpenText Vendor Invoice Management solution created an Accounts Payable process that is now more automated, leading to far fewer processing errors. The time involved for processing and approving invoices has greatly improved.

Claudia Johana Navarro, Chief Accountant, University of Los Andes


• High volume of invoices with manual processing
• Short lead time led to errors and delays
• Supplier relationships suffered



• Increased productivity
• Improved supplier relationships
• Reduced errors
• Savings on paper-related costs

About University of Los Andes

University of Los Andes in Colombia (Uniandes) is a private research university, founded in 1954, now regarded as the leading university in Colombia and one of the highest ranking in Latin America. As a large institution serving 13,000 students, Uniandes employs close to 4,000 faculty members and administrative professionals.