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Empress Maria Theresa would be delighted: Austrian municipalities benefit from e-government in the cloud


Tasks and processes are the same for cities and municipalities, regardless of their size, and require a powerful but low-cost software solution

With OpenText, hundreds or even thousands of legal units can make use of a single platform for mapping and operation completely separately from one another. On this basis, we were able to develop a rental model with which even the smallest municipalities can benefit from the world-class solutions of the two strategic partners, OpenText and SAP.

Michael Stark, Managing Director of COMM-UNITY EDV GmbH and project manager for GeOrg.


  • Media discontinuity between data and unstructured information made the digitization of processes in municipalities more difficult.
  • Complexity, scope, and type of tasks are similar, regardless of the size of the Austrian cities and municipalities.
  • e-government laws, structural reforms, and changes to budgetary law imposed extensive demands on the small cities and municipalities in Austria.



  • Seamless integration of unstructured information in GeOrg with OpenText does away with media discontinuity for true e-government.
  • GeOrg usage model on a rental basis is attractive to municipalities with small numbers of users.
  • Integration with SAP and sophisticated authorization models ensure GeOrg is legally compliant–now and in future.


Around 670 of approx. 2,350 communities in Austria use the solutions of COMM-UNITY GmbH and its 73 employees. The provider of software products and services for
municipal authorities is one of Austria’s leading developers for innovative, tailored, and efficient e-government solutions. For more information, visit: http://home.comm-unity.at/