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Industrial Bank of Kuwait

The Industrial Bank of Kuwait Deposit Documents with OpenText

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Flexible and accurate document searching helps improve efficiency, reduce delays and increase accuracy

We’ve been delighted with the smooth implementation and this has given us the foundation and confidence to press ahead and introduce the solution to other parts of the business. The ultimate aim is for the entire organisation to use OpenText for all their document capture, storage and retrieval needs.

Kamel S. Al-Abdul Jalil, Administration Department Manager, The Industrial Bank of Kuwait.


  • Slow inaccurate searching of paper records
  • Microfilm and microfiche equipment dated and difficult to repair - lack of spare parts
  • Hard to read hand-written comments and documents
  • Speed of access hampering business improvement



  • Fast, accurate searching and access to documentation
  • Reduction in cost of maintaining old microfilm and microfiche readers
  • Efficiency gains, reducing processing time with immediate document access
  • Users more able to self-serve their enquiries, reducing reliance on other staff

About Industrial Bank of Kuwait

The Industrial Bank of Kuwait, established in 1973, provide specialised banking services dedicated to supporting industry in Kuwait. The bank provides medium and long term financing for the establishment, expansion and modernisation of industrial units in the country. The bank also offers a full range of commercial banking and treasury products to meet the working capital needs of its industrial customers. For more information, visit: http://www.ibkuwt.com/ibk/web/en