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TMVW Customer Communications Flow Freely with OpenText

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OpenText StreamServe helps reduce costs, provides greater flexibility and agility for output template changes, and additional communication channels

With StreamServe, we are no longer reliant on outsiders to make even the smallest of changes to one of our templates. We have complete control and this not only reduces cost, but avoids delays of up to two weeks that we used to face, with some changes being deployed within one day.

Nele Poppe, Divisional Manager, Projects and Integration, TMVW


  • High costs associated with print output template layout changes from external print provider
  • Delays in implementing changes from external provider
  • Lack of ability to use new channels such as e-invoicing, email and SMS



  • Ability to introduce new delivery channels in-house or with external providers
  • Reduction in real cost of making changes to output templates
  • Changes can be implemented in a fraction of time previously expended

About TMVW

TMVW was founded in 1923 to provide water to nine municipalities in Flanders, Belgium. Today they are a multi-utility, multi-service public sector organization providing fresh water, sewage, and other services to over 600,000 customers. Headquartered in Gent, TMVW employs around 750 people and generates annual revenues in excess of €300 million. For more information, visit: www.tmvw.be