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OpenText InfoFusion Enables Givaudan to Unify Information Silos, Consolidating and Transforming Data and Content

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OpenText InfoFusion provides cost effective way for Givaudan to archive their content into the OpenText EIM system and allows significant cost savings through legacy decommissioning

In some cases the return on investment is very good, because the solution is hosted by a vendor and we have a monthly fee to pay to run this. So once we get all the data out of there, it’s very simple to calculate. You stop paying those bills and you’re done.

Xavier Ansiaux, ECM & Social Collaboration Competence Centre Manager at Givaudan


  • Over the years, Givaudan used a variety of systems to meet its needs, including mainframes, each with their own support and maintenance costs
  • Content spread across multiple, disparate systems hindering a single source of accurate information
  • Wanted to migrate the transactional data from the legacy ERPs to OpenText Archive Server to ensure data is readily available and integrated




  • With data stored in Archive Server it improves operational efficiency and end-user productivity
  • The migration of historic structured data into the document archive has helped facilitate the decommissioning of a number of legacy systems
  • Major cost savings through system consolidation, elminating support and maintenance costs for legacy systems
  • More extensive search capabilities since both historic and current information now stored together



About Givaudan

Givaudan is the global leader in the fragrance and flavour industry, offering its products to global, regional and local food, beverage, consumer goods and fragrance companies. For more information, visit: www.givaudan.com