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Selling the right products, for the right prices, in the right numbers

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Myntra.com and its suppliers can now make strategic as well as operational decisions to optimize inventory, ensure product availability, and reduce sourcing and production costs

The OpenText Cordys platform is helping Myntra.com to optimize inventory more accurately, enabling us to identify and plan to sell the right products, for the right prices and in the right numbers.

Shamik Sharma, Chief Tehnology and Product Officer, Myntra.com


  • Large number of brand vendors supplying more than 50,000 stock-keeping units
  • Lack of visibility of product performance and inventory availability
  • Manual processes leading to delays
  • Sub optimal working capital efficiency



  • Improved visibility sales performance and inventory availability
  • Improved sell through performance due to right availability
  • Improved vendor relations

About Myntra.com

Myntra.com is a leading e-commerce company and the largest online retailer of lifestyle and fashion products in India. Myntra.com offers around 50,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) from 800+ international and Indian brands.