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Increasing revenue and generating customer value with innovative new SaaS solutions

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NCCW’s Corporation Cloud, powered by the OpenText Cordys platform, enables housing associations to offer new business channels with new pricing models to their end users and respond quickly to new market opportunities

OpenText Cordys is one of the frontrunners in the field of BPM software combined with cloud computing, and therefore the right partner for NCCW.

Wibo Pollmann, CEO, NCCW


  • Intense competition between housing associations
  • Complex interoperability and integration issues
  • Utilize cloud technologies to serve their customers better



  • Increased revenues and new cloud service offerings
  • Optimized collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Improved customer service
  • Faster deployment and cost savings through simplification and cloud computing
  • Improved compliance with industry and regulatory requirements

About NCCW

NCCW is the largest service partner for Housing Associations in The Netherlands with a 52% market share. NCCW serves 240 corporations with close to one million users. The headquarters of NCCW is based in Almere, The Netherlands, with nearly 300 employees.