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New OnTime Enterprise v4.0 Group Scheduler Offers NT Integration, Multi- Platform Support and Web Scheduling Capabilities

Southfield, MI – 1996-11-11 – The first software that offers Web access to group scheduling and enables scheduling across heterogeneous networks ships today, giving virtually any user the ability to schedule from anywhere at anytime.

We deliver true multi-platform group scheduling with OnTime Enterprise (v4.0) for Windows NT, which runs as an NT integrated service and uses the TCP/IP communication protocol. Subsequently, users on any network operating system or any computer with a Web browser can run OnTime. OnTime's client/server architecture that offers real time scheduling, and an easy-to-master client interface, strengthens OnTime's position as a company-wide scheduling solution.

"Campbell Services has done an excellent job in providing multi-platform support," said a network administrator for a major international bank based in Switzerland. "In our environment with 15 servers running four different network operating systems, and several branch offices without network connections to the home office in Zurich, OnTime is the only way to involve everyone in the group scheduling process."

Remote users are guaranteed a place in the scheduling loop with OnTime Internet, and reconciliation features. Road warriors can use OnTime's client or a Web browser to manage their calendars and schedule meetings via the Net. Users also can dial from their laptops to remote access servers and reconcile scheduling updates made while on the road.

OnTime Enterprise v4.0 also reduces MIS headaches with its NT integration, simple administrative tools, and installation that requires less than 15 minutes. Typical time- consuming routine tasks, such as moving users from one server to another, are as simple as drag & drop with OnTime. OnTime's distributed server and other architectural features enable MIS staff to quickly expand from several users to several thousand, regardless of the number of servers or how widely they are dispersed.

OnTime Enterprise v4.0 offers additional features that capitalize on the Net. Web Calendar Publisher lets organizations post dynamic calendars on Web sites that are easy to update and maintain. Anyone can use the standard client to quickly update the OnTime Web calendar without having to use HTML coding or CGI scripting. The Windows client now supports SMTP-based e-mail, and users can embed URLs into messages so recipients can link to associated documents from Internet and Intranets.

Pricing for OnTime Enterprise v4.0 varies from $56.00 per user for 100 users down to $40.00 per user for over 5,000 users. We are running a "Look What You've Been Missing" special of $427.00 for the 10-user version of OnTime (a 60% savings) for first-time customers, that will extend until December 31, 1996. The OnTime service and the client each requires Windows NT 3.51, TCP/IP, 16 MB RAM and 5 MB of hard disk space.