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New Change Agents for Open Text's Livelink Intranet Bring Smart 'Push' Technology to Web-Based Business Processes

Intelligent Agents Allow Interaction With Document Management, Workflow and Collaborative Project System Through Standard Email Readers

Waterloo, ON – 1997-2-26 – Open Text Corporation (OTEX:Nasdaq) today announced a breakthrough capability that uses 'Change Agents' to look in the Livelink Intranet business process management system for information that users need, and 'pushes' it to them via any standard email reader, including Qualcomm's Eudora, Lotus' Notes Mail and the email components of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Exchange. This unique intranet Webcasting technology enables users to benefit from the power and security of Livelink's robust business process management system by simply clicking on hyperlinks contained in email messages.

Livelink is an integrated intranet application suite that provides document management, workflow, searching and collaborative tools. Users create 'project home pages' that enable a team that may be distributed around the world to work together effectively. Livelink's industrial strength capabilities are delivered through standard Web browsers.

Livelink Change Agents alert users to changes made throughout the entire system and enables users to access any document or object in Livelink by simply clicking on a link contained in an email message. To some users, Livelink will now appear to be an advanced add-on to their current email system.

Change Agents continually monitor a large number of conditions on any object in the system including: additions to project libraries, the initiation of a workflow that involves the users, creation of new projects, a workflow step becoming late, the completion of a project, additions to threaded discussions, changes to the elements of compound documents, etc.

Users are given extraordinary flexibility in choosing the events being monitored as well as the frequency of notifications. They can specify which conditions should be combined into a single email message to minimize email clutter. This ensures that the most important projects provide immediate change notices while less important projects can be combined and set to less frequent notification. And the system can generate reports in plain text or HTML about its status and any changes.

In addition to supporting SMTP in both Microsoft and non-Microsoft environments for email notification, Livelink Change Agents will also support TAPI/SAPI/IMAP. This open architecture means that Livelink Change Agents can be configured to notify users through media such as pagers, voice mail, faxes and cell phones. The Change Agents feature is planned to be available, as part of a point upgrade to the product, in the second quarter of 1997.

Bill Zoellick of CAPV, a leading consulting firm in document-based information systems, said "Open Text's addition of Change Agents to their Livelink suite strengthens their position as the leading innovator in intranet document systems. What is really exciting about this product is that it moves beyond agent technology that simply looks at 'content.' The new Livelink feature is actually able to monitor business 'processes.' This gets at the heart of the issue companies face when they move their intranets beyond 'surfing' to become an integral part of their business."

"The management benefits for individuals and teams are enormous, as they get wired right in to the nerve center of the team and organization and can respond quickly to both opportunities and problems," said Tom Jenkins, President and CEO of Open Text Corporation. "With the first of these Change Agents, which we'll be rolling out over the next few months, Open Text has created an 'interactive push' mechanism that provides precisely the information a team needs to accomplish its key business objectives."