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Open Text Ships Livelink Intranet Suite 7.2

Enhanced Security and Scalability: Microsoft Server and Desktop Support Increase Enterprise Capabilities

Chicago, IL – 1997-9-15 – Open Text Corporation (NADSDAQ: OTEX) today announced Livelink Intranet 7.2, an enhanced version of its market leading Web-based intranet application suite targeted at global 2000 companies. Livelink 7.2 includes dramatically improved enterprise-wide collaborative functionality and security features in addition to increased support for industry standard servers and browsers, now including Microsoft® Internet Information Server and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Livelink 7.2 builds on Livelink 7.0's strengths in providing Web-based enterprise document management, workflow, project collaboration and searching. "With Livelink Intranet 7.2 we are taking Web-based, collaborative knowledge management to a whole new level," said Abe Kleinfeld, senior vice president, marketing and corporate development, Open Text Corporation. "Livelink 7.2 supports the largest, most demanding of corporate environments and delivers important improvements for enterprise deployment such as enhanced security, and enterprise-wide scalability."

Bronner Slosberg Humphrey, a national direct marketing agency, has deployed Livelink Intranet to facilitate employee collaboration and shared knowledge of client projects, allowing employees to strategize and provide ongoing feedback and updates via the company's intranet.

"Livelink has allowed us not only to create an intranet for collaboration and projects, but also to create an extranet, giving our clients access to certain Web pages, to review projects and offer immediate feedback and approvals," said Scott Kitlinski, vice president, information systems, Bronner Slosberg Humphrey. "Livelink Intranet combined with Microsoft Internet Information Server provides access through standard Web browsers to our employees and customers nation-wide in a highly secure environment, allowing us to fully leverage the power of the Web."

"We are delighted that Open Text Livelink Intranet 7.2 supports Microsoft Internet Information Server and Microsoft Internet Explorer," said Richard Noffsinger, group marketing manager for document management, imaging, and workflow at Microsoft Corporation. "We are pleased to have a leading-edge application like Livelink Intranet now available for Microsoft users, providing them with valuable intranet application tools to help them automate their business processes."

Open Text Livelink Intranet has been deployed at major corporations to manage business processes such as human resources, project management, product development, regulatory procedures, technical documentation, and customer service involving documents and inter-related groups involving thousands of users.

Livelink 7.2 features several enhancements

Greater Server Support Livelink's high-performance, multi-threaded server now fully supports Microsoft Internet Information Server. In addition, Livelink now bundles Netscape Enterprise Server instead of the Netscape FastTrack server. Greater Desktop Support Livelink 7.2 now fully supports Microsoft Internet Explorer in addition to Netscape Navigator and Communicator. Performance Improvements and Benchmarking A series of performance improvements increase the responsiveness of the Livelink application (which is entirely server-based). In addition, new extensive benchmarking provides enhanced guidelines for scaling Livelink up to enterprise-wide applications that may include tens of thousands of users and hundreds of gigabytes of information. Improved Security Now, in addition to supporting SSL for communications security, Livelink also encrypts even temporary user authentication information to provide greater security for wide-area intranet deployments. In addition, the Livelink Spider can now crawl protected sites so that an enterprise can provide an internal searchable index of information it wants protected from outside access. The performance of the Livelink Spider has also been increased. Global Capabilities Livelink's dynamic object-oriented Web architecture has been leveraged to more easily enable foreign language translations of the entire Livelink product suite. The first new translation of Livelink 7.2, in German, will be available within 30 days. Additional translations will be announced as they become available. A kanji version of Livelink is already shipping in Japan. Complete Web Administration With Livelink 7.2, all administration functions necessary to install, maintain, and monitor Livelink applications are performed via a standard Web browser.

Pricing and Distribution

Livelink Suite 7.2 is now available through Open Text's direct sales force, distributors and VARs. Livelink is priced between (US) $100 and $750 per user, depending on volume. Livelink customers covered by a current Open Text maintenance agreement will receive this version for free.