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Leading Oil Company Lasmo Selects Open Text Livelink Intranet for Knowledge Management As Corporate Strategy Demands Web-based Functionality

Globally distributed offices means intranet is ideal as Open Text beats top ten EDM providers

Chicago, IL – 1997-11-5 – Lasmo plc, a substantial UK independent oil & gas exploration and production company, has selected Livelink from Open Text to form a key component of its new worldwide intranet, providing employees with advanced knowledge management solutions. Primarily used for document management and collaboration, Livelink will be implemented on an enterprise-wide scale, to 400 users at Lasmo's headquarters in the UK and another 250 distributed throughout the world in South America, Africa and Europe.

"The reason we chose Open Text was because of its focus on the integration of Web technology, coupled with Livelink's excellent remote access capabilities," said Hugh Banister, E & P systems manager for Lasmo plc. "Given the distributed nature of our business, remote access over the Web is particularly important for Lasmo and is a crucial aspect to our corporate IT strategy. Using Livelink we expect to see significant benefits for our exploration/production and legal business groups which need timely global access to shared, secure and up-to-date documentation."

Running on a Sun Solaris/Oracle platform, Livelink will be implemented in a number of phases, with phase one involving roll-out to Lasmo's finance and legal departments where the system will use Livelink's workflow and document rendition capabilities with customized screens for access to specific documents. The second phase of the project will look at delivering specific functionality for Lasmo's geoscientists.

"Lasmo plc is our first UK announcement and will be followed by a number of other significant announcements over the next few months," said Derek Buchanan, sales director for Open Text UK. "With its pedigree in highly scalable, collaborative knowledge management applications for intranets, Open Text has experienced amazing success in North America the last 12 months, and is now set to do the same in the UK and Europe."