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New OnTime 4.1 Ships, Expands Enterprise Scheduling Capabilities

Las Vegas, NV – 1997-11-17 – OnTime 4.1 this month delivers the most comprehensive scheduling application for organizations that need enterprise-wide, high quality, real-time calendaring across an array of operating environments, according to customer briefings.

New OnTime 4.1 features, which ship November 24, include global scheduling capabilities that support the broadest range of network operating systems (NOS), desktop operating systems, e-mail systems and mobile computing technologies. OnTime 4.1 is also backward compatible to users of previous OnTime versions, and it offers the first level of support for IETF Internet scheduling standards.

OnTime 4.1 runs simultaneously on NetWare, NT, and VINES network operating systems (NOS) using TCP/IP. This enables single point management across a multi-NOS environment that improves administration and maintenance, and users can maintain uninterrupted scheduling if they transition between NOS. Users have greater flexibility deploying OnTime because it leverages organizations' current network infrastructure.

Another new OnTime feature is support for multiple NOS directories, making directory access and management easier for administrators, plus gives end-users easier access to their own calendars and to other users' calendars anywhere on the network.

OnTime, the first enterprise scheduler to offer Internet scheduling capabilities, now supports the vCalendar standard. OnTime 4.1 users can schedule with other users of other vendors' calendars that also support vCalendar, and they can access data from Web calendars that support vCalendar. This is the first step towards incorporating several features that will support Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) calendaring standards.

Other new features enhance OnTime's performance. Its Web interface generates screens that more closely resemble the OnTime Windows client. Users' laptop calendars automatically reconcile with their server calendars when they start up and shut down OnTime. OnTime 4.1 adds a Windows administration client for NetWare and VINES.

Pricing for OnTime 4.0 varies from $56.00 per user for 100 users down to $40.00 per user for over 5,000 users. The OnTime server requires Windows NT 3.51, 4.0, NetWare or VINES, 2 MB RAM and 5 MB of hard disk space.