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KMWorld Chooses Open Text as One of the Top Ten Technology Companies

Chicago, IL – 1998-1-21 – -- KMWORLD, the popular knowledge management industry magazine, has released its survey of top ten technology companies that made a difference, citing Open Text Corporation at the top of the list. KMWORLD compiled the list with the help of industry analysts and consultants.

Here is what they had to say about Open Text Corporation:

"Client-server groupware killer"--IDC

"Climbed onto the radar screens of the document management world, and continues to lead the way in defining what document management means in an enterprise-wide intranet environment."--B.S.

"For breaking sales/implementation size barriers in 'collaborative knowledge management.' Notable also for the 180-degree turn the company took post numerous acquisitions as well as its (more or less) head-on attack of Domino et al."--D.Y.

"We are delighted that KMWORLD has recognized Open Text as one of the top technology companies," said Abe Kleinfeld, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Open Text. "Clearly, the market has recognized our flagship product, Livelink Intranet, as the leading enterprise-wide, collaborative knowledge management application for Global 2000 companies."

Open Text was also included in a list of 25 technology companies to watch out for in the future. Here's why Open Text is noted as one of the 'Ones to Watch':

"The difference between Web-centered applications like Open Text's Livelink Intranet and other 'Web-enabled' applications is becoming ever more apparent as corporations begin to deploy intranet applications. In 1997, it seemed the entire market was morphing into one new application, let's call it KM, that subsumed all the earlier products called document management, workflow, information retrieval and collaboration. Open Text will continue to benefit from having been there first, and should see increasing success as buyers come to accept this universal view of business applications."-- Tony McKinley