Qualifying Academic Customers

The Academic Buying Programs award special pricing and benefits to educational customers. Eligibility to purchase under the Academic License Agreement (ALA), School License Agreement (SLA), and Academic Standalone Order (ASO) Transactions is awarded to qualified institutions. Proof of status may be required upon execution of any licensing agreement.

Qualifying Customers

Schools, Universities and Administrations

  • Schools and universities accredited/recognized/approved by their local/state/federal/provincial government
  • Supervisory organizations of qualified schools or other educational institutions
  • State departments of education
  • Boards of education
  • School district administrative offices
  • Local education authorities
  • Preschools, day schools, or after-school activity centers accredited/recognized/approved by their government

Educational Public Facilities

  • Non-profit museums
  • Libraries

Educational Hospitals

  • Non-profit teaching hospitals
  • Have its primary affiliation be with an accredited degree-granting college or university that would be eligible for participation in the ALA
  • Have a formally documented teaching affiliation with either a nationally accredited medical school for a clerkship, internship, or residency program for medical students or a nationally accredited nursing school which grants the RN or LPN/LVN degree

NOTE: Educational hospitals must meet ALL of the above specifications to be considered qualified to participate in our Academic Buying Programs.

Non-qualifying Customers

If questions arise on the qualified status of a specific institution, our opinion will govern. It is the responsibility of the purchasing customer to ensure they meet our academic qualifications. Customers not meeting these above criteria who purchase products under one of our Academic Buying Programs may be required to pay additional license fees to be legally licensed for such products. We may cancel any license agreement used by non-qualifying customers.