IDC assesses OpenText supply chain value

IDC reveals how companies unlock supply chain potential and streamline operations with OpenText™ Digital Supply Chain solutions

3-year ROI on OpenText digital supply chain solutions

IDC quantifies OpenText’s crucial role in enhancing supply chain ROI

Don’t just take our word for it—see how customers accelerate supply chain digital transformation and achieve faster business value in the cloud with OpenText™:

“We’ve been able to reduce our cost and improve our efficiency by having real-time data and producing analysis of that data in a timely manner. We’ve been able to accelerate our time to get results, specifically through the workflows for which we’ve used OpenText.”

-Transportation Enterprise, North America

OpenText digital supply chain customers have gained:

  • 317% 3-year ROI
  • 45% more efficient supply chain IT staff
  • 30% more productive supply chain management teams
  • $6.06 million in supply chain-related cost savings
  • And so much more...