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Utility Industry solutions

Optimize asset maintenance and manage critical information and operations with Utility industry solutions from OpenText

The Utility industry has seen dramatic change in the past 20 years, how can companies remain competitive?

Today’s challenges

Electricity, Gas and Water Utility companies face significant challenges in an increasingly competitive global market.

The rise of renewables

The use of renewable energy, e.g., solar, wind, is accelerating due to advances in battery technology and reduced development costs, slowing the demand for centrally produced Utility industry products, while increasing pressure on transmission networks.

Need for operational improvement

With the prospect of customers moving off the grid, companies must strive to effectively manage costs and balance supply and demand.

Mergers and acquisitions

Companies must consolidate operational systems quickly and effectively to produce economies of scale and business efficiency.

Focus on the customer

Deregulation and new, local sources of energy have increased competition and set a new standard for customer experience and support.

Customer success stories

OpenText Utility industry solutions benefits

The pandemic has helped accelerate reliance on digital technologies across sectors. In the power, utilities, and renewables sectors, the move to digital solutions is motivated by the growing role of distributed energy resources on the grid.

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OpenText Utility industry solutions

Manage digital transformation in the Energy industry

Content Cloud for Energy from OpenText

Integrate content services with lead applications

OpenText Extended ECM Platform

Manage creation, review and approval of engineering documents, from projects to handover to assessment

OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations

Accelerate creation, review and approval of project documentation with a SaaS-based public cloud solution

OpenText Core for Capital Projects

Simplify the sharing, collaboration and transmittal of project deliverables with suppliers

OpenText Core for Supplier Exchange

Increase efficiency with digitally enabled content

Asset Navigation for Energy from OpenText

Boost maintenance effectiveness to digitally transform operations

Technical Service Management for Energy

Improve efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance

Remote access for Energy and Manufacturing

Ensure high quality handover from Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects

OpenText Core for Building Information Modelling

Collect and analyze engineering and machine data to gain insight

OpenText Magellan

Develop personalized, consistent, compliant customer communications

OpenText Exstream

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