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Automotive Solutions

Enable mobile, smart and connected business data to stay competitive, comply with regulation and stay on top of Automotive industry trends

Automotive industry overview

Developments in new vehicle technologies and products, consumer demand and the influence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are driving unprecedented change in the Automotive industry. These new forms of technology have been a major catalyst for change over the past decade and success is largely contingent upon being able to adapt to the changing environment.

As transportation preferences are shifting towards vehicle electrification, global connectivity, diverse mobility and autonomous driving, the increasing diversity and new services open new revenue opportunities for the Automotive industry.

Automotive industry challenges

  • Secure information sharing

    OEMs need the ability to share information and enable trusted interactions, while maintaining security and privacy between all stakeholders in the connected vehicle digital ecosystem.

  • Global compliance

    With changing standards over information security, the Automotive industry needs to ensure global compliance for data ownership, privacy, storage and sharing.

  • Personalized experiences

    As consumers demand a tailored experience, manufacturers need to deliver consumer continuity and personalization with real-time information.

  • Process automation

    The Automotive industry needs to optimize operations, assets and people to continue to improve profitability, reduce costs, accelerate design, automate manufacturing and support more transparency in the supply chain.

Automotive industry solutions

OpenText™ delivers solutions for the Automotive industry through a combination of suites within its Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform, combining digital applications with an information platform to bring together Content Services, Security, the Business Network, IoT and the developer to optimize the customer experience, employee engagement, asset utilization and supply chain efficiency.

Automotive solutions benefits

  • Monetize data and create data driven business opportunities

    Uncover data patterns and trends to predict future behaviors and likely outcomes using big data discovery and predictive analytics techniques to detect and take advantage of new opportunities and markets.

  • Automate processes for increased operational efficiency and productivity

    Automate manual processes and transactions and free up resources to focus on the core business of the organization.

  • Grow customer loyalty with in-vehicle telematics

    Securely monitor vehicle data and behavior to enable valuable insights into vehicle health management, while processing and managing environmental data from third party sources for a connected user experience.

  • Improve fleet management efficiency

    Enable driver behavior monitoring, better vehicle routing management and increased cost savings to improve driver safety and asset security.

  • Prevent breakdowns and increase vehicle quality

    Enable proactive service alerts and preventative maintenance diagnostics to prevent breakdowns and increase vehicle quality to help reduce warranty cost, improve product quality and build brand loyalty.

  • Identify trading partner performance trends

    Measure both operational and business metrics related to B2B transactions across the business network environment to identify trends in transactions and trading partner performance and pinpoint elements that require attention.

Why OpenText for Automotive?

Modern drivers are increasingly connected, urbanized and environmentally-conscious. They demand a completely different customer experience, based around new technology features and ownership models. Automotive companies need a digital platform to support the mobility challenges the industry is facing.

OpenText supports the global Automotive industry with the world’s biggest B2B supply chain network providing 24/7 availability, reliability and secure exchange of transactional information. Its unique Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform also provides Automotive companies with an integrative discipline for acquiring, structuring, describing, governing and accessing information assets, both structured and unstructured, in an intelligent, secure and collaborative way across organizational and technological boundaries.

EIM from OpenText has four interlocking roles for organizations:

The Digital Hub

Only OpenText delivers a central platform for the management, analysis and distribution of information. It provides contextual data and information related to applications which do not have a sophisticated data repository. Using OpenText’s leading Enterprise Content Management solution, a centralized hub of information for all stages of the manufacturing process, helps automakers to reduce development lead times, optimize productivity and improve competitive advantage.

The Digital Backbone

Where business information is stored in silos (CRM, PLM, ERP) across an Automotive enterprise, the OpenText platform becomes a conduit to share references to information locked in other data silos. The business is able to reference, extract, normalize and share that data as required through integration with 3rd party applications.

The Digital Archive

Automakers are required to retain product, manufacturing and business records for the operational life of their products. OpenText Automotive solutions efficiently archive this information and maintain a system of record and live reference to the data, easing access and retrieval for the life of the product.

The Digital Platform

In a business sector increasingly driven by data and ubiquitous connectivity, the OpenText Covisint Identity and IoT platform allows the management of a connected vehicle ecosystem in which people, systems and things are authenticated and authorized to interact securely.

Customer success stories

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