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OpenText Suite for Salesforce®

Optimize Salesforce CRM effectiveness through integration with lead applications across the organization with enterprise content management as the key.

Every organization wants to increase agility and productivity by extracting maximum value from its processes and content. But knowledge workers are only as good as the information they can efficiently access. OpenText™ Extended Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to bridge the silos created by disparate lead applications to seamlessly pull structured and unstructured information together and present the whole story to the customer relationship management (CRM) users who need it.

Your customer service and sales representatives live in Salesforce, so why make them tediously search for knowledge and information across disjointed enterprise resource planning (ERP), ECM, and file share repositories?  This inefficiency can have a huge impact on responsiveness and accuracy.

OpenText Extended ECM solutions maximize productivity by offering end users the ability to work and collaborate in the application of their choice, whether it’s CRM, ERP, ECM or desktop interfaces.  Everyone has access to the same single version of the truth across all platforms.  Information becomes more relevant and more personal, all in real time.

Hybrid Solution

Run Extended ECM 16 in the OpenText Cloud or on-premises

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