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OpenText Core

Business-Ready File Sharing and Collaboration in the Cloud

OpenText Core is a simple, secure, and smart way to connect collaborators with the files and information they need to get things done. It allows fast, easy sharing and access to files from any mobile, tablet or laptop.

The Analyst's View on Apps in the Enterprise

Collaboration Built for Business

Some people in organizations will sidestep corporate systems in favor of consumer cloud storage tools, to share and collaborate on business information. OpenText Core gives users everything they are looking for to get things done, but it’s on a cloud platform that ensures a more secure way of storing, sharing and collaborating on critical business content.

  • Simple file sharing and collaboration to meet user expectations while adhering with organizational policies for information management and security
  • Support for email, including storing attachments together with messages
  • Advanced search, including keyword and tagging, filtering, searching people, comments and discussions

Integration with OpenText Content Suite

Core makes file sharing and external collaboration a natural extension of the Content Suite environment,

  • Easily publish files from OpenText Core to Content Suite for records management, archiving and lifecycle management
  • Pull files from Content Suite into OpenText Core for collaboration, especially when external users need access but policy precludes access to corporate systems
  • Allow secure external sharing of information without sacrificing information management policies

IT and Administrative Control

OpenText Core is extremely easy to import users, configure policies and get things up and running, often in a matter of minutes. Once set up, user management, activity monitoring and other administrative tasks are equally simple.

  • Flexible user management to control access, assign storage quota, lock/disable user accounts, and manage user account creation
  • Dashboard view to give admins details about key information, such as storage and system activity
  • View devices connected to an account, and remotely manage sessions.