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What is an OpenText Voyager?

OpenText Voyager offers partners, customers, developers, business leaders and more a unique journey into the world of OpenText with a clear path to delivering incredible customer experiences.

  • An innovator, lifelong learner

  • A leader who creates paths for others

  • An explorer or seeker with endless curiosity

  • An Information Management ambassador

Choose your path

Expand your skills

Continue to grow your abilities to expand your personal and professional horizons.

Get training

Get training

Engage your peers

Join a community to share your knowledge and encourage others on their paths.

Get connected

Get connected

Build your success

Together we tackle the most complex digital transformation initiatives with confidence.

Get started

Get started

Be an OpenText Champion

Take part in a new kind of advocacy program that recognizes and elevates innovative individuals who share their knowledge to support others in the community. And, offers great rewards:

  • Raise brand awareness with a global audience
  • Influence product strategy and roadmaps
  • Get recognized in exclusive promotions and communications
  • Connect with OpenText leadership and experts
  • Enjoy VIP treatment at OpenText events