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OpenText Learning Services would like to thank you for your interest in the various training programs we offer. The following information addresses many of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. In the event you have any questions that are not covered in this information, or there are any other items you wish to discuss or explore, please contact the Training Registrar.

What are the Education offerings provided by OpenText Learning Services?

We offer training on many OpenText solutions and in several formats. Please review the Learning Services Fact Sheets for more information on training programs:

Our Public/Open Enrollment classes feature the shipping version of our products. OpenText Learning Services may also offer training using previous versions of our software offerings. For more information, please contact our Training Registrar.

 What audience are OpenText classes suited for?

We offer training for End Users, Knowledge Managers, Business Consultants, Administrators and Developers. Course descriptions identify the appropriate audience.

 Are Public/Open Enrollment Classes regularly scheduled?

Where are Public, Open-Enrollment Classes offered? We schedule Public Education, (open enrollment classes), at our OpenText Education Centers on a regular basis in: Reading UK, Irvine CA, Lincolnshire IL, Munich DE, Ottawa ON, and Waterloo ON.  In addition, we also schedule classes in other centers from time to time, based on customer demand.  You can use the Quick Search to search by location.

 Do you offer classes at our location; or locations other than OpenText Training Centers?

We are happy to deliver many of our standard classes, or a customized class, at the location of your choice. We refer to these as Customer-Specific or On-Site classes. We also offer training on earlier versions of the software or specialized training. These classes can be held at your location, using an OpenText Training center or at a 3rd-party rented facility.

 What is the maximum class size for a Customer-Specific class?

Our maximum class size, for both public classes and on-site classes is 12 participants. A high percentage of instructor-led classes are hands-on to ensure increased levels of understanding and retention by the participants.  We restrict the number of participants in order to ensure the instructor can spend the necessary time ensuring each student receives the level of attention they require for success and in order to answer additional questions that may arise.

 What are the options for training Users?

There are a number of options available including classroom training, eLearning (or CBT) and Quick Reference Guides.  Please contact the Training Registrar to discuss your particular requirements.

 What materials are provided for participants at the various classes? Is courseware included in the training?

Participants attending our Public/Open Enrollment classes receive all materials pertaining to that particular course. This typically includes both bound reference manuals as well as additional explanatory material if applicable. These materials are copyrighted and are not to be reproduced in whole or in part.

 Can I order the course material in electronic format?

The electronic version of course materials may be licensed should that be in the best interest of your organization. The license is valid for the current version of the software. Upgrades to newer versions must be licensed separately. There is a one-time licensing fee (per version), which grants the right to print as many copies of the training material as you hold software licenses for use within your organization. We offer two versions for licensing the electronic User training material. One is a non-editable PDF version, the other is a fully-editable MS Word version for those that would like to customize their own training material. Please contact the Training Registrar to discuss your particular requirements.

 Will OpenText customize the training material for our implementation?

We are happy to customize the OpenText Training material to your specific requirements. The resultant material could be used for any classes you contract with us to deliver to your employees. We would be pleased to supply you with an estimate of the time required to do your customization. Please contact the Training Registrar to discuss your particular requirements.

 What hardware and software is required to host an on-site class?

Each course has individual hardware/software specifications. When you contract with Learning Services for an On-Site training engagement, you will be given a list of the hardware and software requirements for your particular class. This must be reviewed and verified in advance of the On-Site training. In this way we can verify that you have the minimum specifications needed to run your course. You will also be given a checklist of other requirements necessary for a successful On-Site engagement.

 Does OpenText offer a Train-the-Trainer type course?

Yes, we do offer a Trainer Workshop. Many of our customers have a training department, staffed by individuals that are highly skilled at delivering adult education. Our Trainer Workshop is designed to provide the necessary support in order to learn the technical details to successfully lead sessions in-house for your user community. Please contact the Training Registrar to discuss your particular requirements.


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