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Large filling station chain fosters long-term customer loyalty with a fast and easy fuel card sign-up process, powered by OpenText Extended ECM

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About Neste Latvija

Based in Latvia, Neste Latvija is a daughter company of Neste, the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel. Neste Latvija operates a large filling station network, offering petroleum products and consumer goods.

Neste Latvija
  • Locations:
    256 stations in the Baltics
  • Revenue:
    €15.1 billion in 2021
  • Employees:
    4,900 in 2021



  • Paper-based processes meant it could take 10 days or more for customers to apply for loyalty cards.
  • Maintaining archives of paper applications was time-consuming and costly.


  • Partnered with a third-party company to deploy an OpenText solution, resulting in streamlined digital workflows and e-signature functionality.


  • Saved time for value-added work
  • Eliminated paper documents and reduced costs
  • Accelerated customer registration from days to hours


  • Applying for loyalty cards involved time-consuming paper-based processes
  • Friction and long lead times during the onboarding process disrupted customer experiences
  • Maintaining archives of paper applications and contracts was slow and costly
  • Sending documents through the mail risked the loss of important information

In the retail sector, loyalty card programs are a powerful way to convert occasional visitors into committed customers. In Latvia and across the Baltics, Neste aims to become the filling station of choice by encouraging more drivers to sign up for its fuel cards, enabling customers to access perks and discounts every time they visit one of the company’s 256 gas stations.

In the past, applying for a Neste fuel card was often a time-consuming process. Although the company offered a digital channel to register for the card, most customers submitted their applications on paper, resulting in lead times of up to 10 days while employees manually performed the required data verification and credit checks. Applications for the company’s fuel credit card took even longer, and for all card products, employees circulated paper contracts for customers to sign and return.

Neste Latvija recognized that streamlining the registration process would deliver a wide range of benefits. For employees, reducing the number of manual processes for customer onboarding would free up time to focus on value-added activities. And for customers, a fast, frictionless application journey would enhance the experience and reduce the risk of attrition.

Neste Latvija

The new customer journey is digital from end to end. It has helped us to significantly speed up application processing—which is now completely transparent—and notably improve the quality of our customer service.

Baiba Lice
Business Solution Manager at Neste Latvija


Neste Latvija engaged Digital Mind to create a highly automated digital application workflow. Powered by OpenText™ Extended ECM, the solution allows customers to speed through the application process without having to deal with paper documents.

Products deployed

Reimagining the customer experience

Working with its trusted business partner, Digital Mind, Neste Latvija has reimagined its loyalty card application process with the customer experience at the center. The company has paper forms with digital workflows in Extended ECM, allowing customers to move through the entire process online or on mobile.

The new approach removes many of the obstacles involved in the previous paper-based process. For example, the solution is fully integrated with the most popular personal electronic identification services in the Baltics, including Mobile-ID, e-ID and Smart-ID, automating validation checks that were previously performed by hand. The new journey also incorporates Digital Mind’s e-signature solution, eliminating the need to send paper contracts through the mail for customers to sign.

Digital Mind helped Neste Latvija achieve a smooth transition to the new digital platform.

About partner Digital Mind 

Digital Mind helps businesses reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure resilience by digitalizing core processes. Their solutions support environmental, social and governance strategies and enable clients to focus on their impact.


Today, Neste Latvija has transformed its approach to customer onboarding, empowering it to extend the benefits of its loyalty program to new customers across the country.

Saved time for value-added work

By switching to a digital process powered by Extended ECM, Neste Latvija is reaping the benefits of automation. The company’s employees no longer need to perform repetitive tasks such as reviewing customer identification documents and managing paper forms, saving significant time that they can now devote to higher-value activities. Digitalizing the application process also increases transparency, reducing the risk of human error and helping ensure that customer data is properly governed and secured.

Eliminated paper documents and reduced costs

The OpenText solution is also delivering other benefits behind the scenes. By converting paper records into digital documents, Neste Latvija reduces the need to manage an extensive physical archive. Today, the company is significantly reducing the time and cost involved in managing paper records.

Accelerated customer registration from days to hours

Most importantly, the new approach has significantly improved the customer experience. Successful loyalty program applicants now receive confirmation in hours, not days, helping the company promote higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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